Need Some Space?

Jakarta is one of the mostly populated cities in the world, with 12 million people trying to get along. Everybody needs their space and so push and shove always happens over a certain patch of land, legally or illegaly. Even cars, buses and motorcycles are shoving each other for a respectable piece of real estate – albeit fleeting – on the roads, and even fight for space on the curb or the parking lot.But there’s one place that is seemingly always empty. No, boys and girls, I’m not talking about the soccer fields and such – they’re always full as well. Try visiting Terminal Lebak Bulus at any hour of the day…. I guarantee you, it will be empty. Some buses park here and there, but most of the buses and other public transport vehicles choose to fight for passengers on the road next to Terminal Lebak Bulus, thus creating traffic jams. When they actually have a lot of space to fight over passengers inside the terminal.I really don’t get this.

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One response to “Need Some Space?”

  1. iis says :

    pertamax satu liter bang…

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