Ranting On Jakarta’s Traffic

Jakarta’s incomprehensible traffic has just about become world-popular, but would you like a local’s perspective?

I live in Jakarta. I’d like to think (and be grateful) that I live particularly well-off, smack in the middle of the so-called Indonesian middle class. I have a car that’s fully paid off, married and living with my parents-in-law in a decidedly upscale area near Jalan Bangka, Kemang [And yes, in Indonesia, it’s quite normal for multiple families living under one roof, even in the upscale areas]. But this isn’t the tale I want to convey.

Jakarta, and by extension Indonesia, is a car salesman’s dream. Similar to the LA, the only practical way to get around the city is by private vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle (more on that later). There are bus routes, but the buses are in really bad condition, not to mention hunting grounds for pickpockets. To go from my home to my office in the Bulungan area, around 3km away, would take me changing buses and walking a lot, compared to a 20-minute ride on a car or motorcycle. I’d like to think I’m not lazy, but I hate to waste time, and avoid walking too much. Remember, Jakarta is a tropical city, where crossing the road can make you sweat from the humidity.

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